Fuel cell systems and electrolysers for decarbonising energy

Convion Ltd. is a leading fuel cell system developer commercializing solid oxide fuel cell systems for distributed power generation in industrial and commercial applications. Our products are designed for premium energy efficiency, reliability and operational flexibility. Convion provides its customers with sustainable power generation solutions for power security, energy independence and unparalleled fuel economy.

Convion’s mission is to support  sustainable energy transition with high temperature electrochemical solutions based on solid oxide cell (SOC) technology. Solid oxide fuel cells at the heart of our power generating products are ideal for distributed and small scale power generation. They make possible clean, dependable power generation at superb electrical efficiency at any scale, and co-locating zero local emission power generation with consumption. Convion’s proven, proprietary system technology facilitates broad fuel flexibility with no compromise in efficiency. In hydrogen production, solid oxide electrolysis by Convion’s technology offers unparalleled efficiency and scalability to meet industrial demand.