Solid oxide fuel cell’s (SOFC) are a unique technology in many ways. A SOFC power generator is unparalleled in efficiency by any other type of power conversion technology, independent of scale, in a single cycle, and it is inherently modular.

High operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells makes these systems flexible for operating on different fuel compositions. Due to clean, hot exhaust gas, SOFC systems are also ideal for combined heat and power generation omitting transmission and distribution losses of power and heat networks.

Fuel cells are electrochemical energy conversion devices and as a consequence, there are very few moving parts in a SOFC system. As a result, SOFC systems are low maintenance and long maintenance interval generators suited for continuous operation.

Extensive experience of Convion team and focus on process architecture, integration and process control together with the unique features of SOFC technology open up interesting possibilities for distributed, continuously operating and available power generation.