Convion And Shell Form Partnership To Commercialise Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOEC)

Shell and Convion aim to produce renewable hydrogen by solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) at industry leading efficiency.
Shell marks reproduced by permission of Shell Brands International AG.

Convion and Shell Global Solutions International form partnership to develop, validate and commercialise advanced Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOEC) supplied by Convion. Convion will deliver a 1-MW electrolyser demonstrator to Shell’s Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam. The demonstrator will be based on four Convion C250e electrolyser modules.

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Convion Signs a Financing Agreement with Nefco

Convion takes an important step ahead by signing a loan agreement with Nefco, the Nordic Green Bank. Nefco’s investment will help to scale up Convion’s technology and the manufacture of electrolysers for the green hydrogen economy. Nefco is a financial institution founded by the Nordic countries and it finances projects in energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean water and sanitation, waste management, and cleaner industrial processes. Convion’s solution helping decarbonization of hard-to-abate industrial sectors, is well aligned with the scope of Nefco’s portfolio and we are happy to work together in bringing green hydrogen into the mainstream, and helping industries to wean from dependence on fossil fuels and feedstocks. The financing agreement with Nefco provides an important boost for Convion in its technology commercialization efforts.

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Convion to Deliver a Biogas Fuel Cell Cogeneration System to Biometaan OÜ

Biometaan Siimani site
Biomethane production site of Biometaan OÜ

Convion will deliver a biogas fuel cell system to Biometaan OÜ in Estonia. Companies plan to cooperate in Baltic region, where Biometaan is a leading producer of agricultural biomethane and biofertilizers. The first C60 unit will be installed at Siimani farm, where it will generate renewable power and heat from locally produced biogas. A behind-the-meter installation will provide clean, renewable energy for the facility’s own consumption and serve as a pilot installation. The system has nominal electrical output of 60 kilowatts, and over 20 kilowatts of heat. Preparations for the delivery are underway, and the system will be commissioned in operation in H2, 2022.

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Convion’s C60 fuel cell system creates clean energy and excellent reliability for smart micro-grid in Lempäälä

Convion C60 systems are modular co-generation units
Convion C60 SOFC CHP systems provide dependable power for a micro-grid in Lempäälä.

Lempäälän Energia’s unique LEMENE Energy Community project is like a national grid in miniature size. Convion’s C60 fuel cells play a major role in this smart micro-grid capable of self-sufficiency.

Lempäälän Energia’s energy community, LEMENE, is a key project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, completed in 2019. LEMENE is an energy community in the Marjamäki industrial area that produces, stores and distributes electricity and heat locally. The energy system also includes a gas distribution network. 

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Fuel Cells In Reverse – Convion aims for industrial-scale hydrogen production through high-temperature electrolysis

Convion, a producer of fuel cell systems, is developing electrolysis for hydrogen production with superior properties and efficiency compared with competing technologies. The product is being developed in a separate project in parallel with the E-Fuel project run by Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). The project receives funding from Business Finland.

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Convion Partners up with VTT, Neste to Develop Electrofuels

Commercialisation of electrofuels, a class of synthetic transportation fuels produced from green hydrogen and sequestered carbon dioxide, got a boost, when a Finnish consortium partnership of companies joined forces in a VTT coordinated E-fuel research project. The project brings together a group of companies across the entire value chain from sequestration of CO2 to electricity and fuel production, logistics, as well as users of the transport fuels in different segments of transport. The E-fuel research project is connected with the Neste Veturi ecosystem and received EUR 3.3 million in funding from Business Finland. Along with the joint E-Fuel project, Convion and other companies have their parallel but linked projects, augmenting the total effort aiming at e-fuel production in Finland. Altogether, EUR 6 million is invested in the development.

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EFCF 2020 – take part and hear the latest developments by Convion

Convion at EFCF 2020

The 14th EUROPEAN SOFC & SOE FORUM 2020 and the 24th conference in series with Exhibition & Tutorials will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland on October 20 through October 23. The two-yearly forum is the largest dedicated SOC event in the world, building the bridge science and application.

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DEMOSOFC webinars – Fuel cells in industrial biogas applications

DEMOSOFC - the world's first industrial scale demonstration of waste water treatment with integrated power generation by SOFC fuel cells
DEMOSOFC – lessons learned

Interested in how integrated power generation by SOFC fuel cells can transform waste and water management from an energy consumer to an energy producer? Want to discover details of engineering and performance of the worlds first installation of SOFC fuel cells in a waste water treatment facility? To learn more, join us in a series of short webinars organized by the DEMOSOFC project, focusing on different aspects of applying fuel flexible SOFC fuel cell technology to industrial scale bio gas applications. In the 15-20 minute web presentations and following Q&A sessions, DEMOSOFC project partners will share their insights and experiences of engineering, operation and economics of this exciting application of fuel cell technology and Convion products.

To take part in the event, please, fill the form:

Convion will exhibit at the FC EXPO 2019

From February 27th through March 1st, Convion will attend the world’s largest show for hydrogen & fuel cells, the FC EXPO 2019 at the Tokyo Big Sight. The premiere annual industry exhibition and conference will bring together businesses and academics, suppliers and solution providers alike. The event is a part of The World Smart Energy Week 2019, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest products, technologies and solutions for smart and renewable energy businesses.

We warmly welcome you to meet us at our booth W27-11 in the West Hall 4 to discuss about Convion products, technology, application opportunities and our current and oncoming demonstrations. Should you wish to pre-schedule a meeting, please contact us by email.

For details on how to get to the venue, please see the info provided by the organizers of the event. We look forward to meeting you soon!