Convion And Shell Form Partnership To Commercialise Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOEC)

Shell and Convion aim to produce renewable hydrogen by solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) at industry leading efficiency.
Shell marks reproduced by permission of Shell Brands International AG.

Convion and Shell Global Solutions International form partnership to develop, validate and commercialise advanced Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOEC) supplied by Convion. Convion will deliver a 1-MW electrolyser demonstrator to Shell’s Energy Transition Campus in Amsterdam. The demonstrator will be based on four Convion C250e electrolyser modules.

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Convion Signs a Financing Agreement with Nefco

Convion takes an important step ahead by signing a loan agreement with Nefco, the Nordic Green Bank. Nefco’s investment will help to scale up Convion’s technology and the manufacture of electrolysers for the green hydrogen economy. Nefco is a financial institution founded by the Nordic countries and it finances projects in energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean water and sanitation, waste management, and cleaner industrial processes. Convion’s solution helping decarbonization of hard-to-abate industrial sectors, is well aligned with the scope of Nefco’s portfolio and we are happy to work together in bringing green hydrogen into the mainstream, and helping industries to wean from dependence on fossil fuels and feedstocks. The financing agreement with Nefco provides an important boost for Convion in its technology commercialization efforts.

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Convion to Deliver a Biogas Fuel Cell Cogeneration System to Biometaan OÜ

Biometaan Siimani site
Biomethane production site of Biometaan OÜ

Convion will deliver a biogas fuel cell system to Biometaan OÜ in Estonia. Companies plan to cooperate in Baltic region, where Biometaan is a leading producer of agricultural biomethane and biofertilizers. The first C60 unit will be installed at Siimani farm, where it will generate renewable power and heat from locally produced biogas. A behind-the-meter installation will provide clean, renewable energy for the facility’s own consumption and serve as a pilot installation. The system has nominal electrical output of 60 kilowatts, and over 20 kilowatts of heat. Preparations for the delivery are underway, and the system will be commissioned in operation in H2, 2022.

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Fuel Cells In Reverse – Convion aims for industrial-scale hydrogen production through high-temperature electrolysis

Convion, a producer of fuel cell systems, is developing electrolysis for hydrogen production with superior properties and efficiency compared with competing technologies. The product is being developed in a separate project in parallel with the E-Fuel project run by Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). The project receives funding from Business Finland.

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Convion Partners up with VTT, Neste to Develop Electrofuels

Commercialisation of electrofuels, a class of synthetic transportation fuels produced from green hydrogen and sequestered carbon dioxide, got a boost, when a Finnish consortium partnership of companies joined forces in a VTT coordinated E-fuel research project. The project brings together a group of companies across the entire value chain from sequestration of CO2 to electricity and fuel production, logistics, as well as users of the transport fuels in different segments of transport. The E-fuel research project is connected with the Neste Veturi ecosystem and received EUR 3.3 million in funding from Business Finland. Along with the joint E-Fuel project, Convion and other companies have their parallel but linked projects, augmenting the total effort aiming at e-fuel production in Finland. Altogether, EUR 6 million is invested in the development.

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New clean energy system to make Finnish business district self-sufficient

Convion SOFC systems to Lempäälä

LEMPÄÄLÄ, FINLAND – Lempäälän Energia Oy and leading fuel cell system developer Convion have signed an agreement regarding a delivery of two Convion C50 fuel cell systems to Marjamäki district. The delivery is part of project LEMENE, earmarked by the Finnish government as a key project in helping the country achieve its national energy targets for decarbonisation. Continue reading “New clean energy system to make Finnish business district self-sufficient”

Convion SOFC generates zero emission electricity and heat from biogas in Italy

Convion has started operating a biogas fuelled C50 SOFC system in Italy. The start-up marks a launch of a demonstration of Convion’s fuel flexible C50 SOFC co-generation unit at an industrial biogas installation and an important milestone along the path of commercialization of the product. After a successful trial operation of the module in Finland and completion of site installation at Collegno waste water treatment plant of SMAT, the unit started producing power and heat for the plant’s own consumption. The installation is the largest solid oxide fuel cell plant in the world fueled by biogas directly. Continue reading “Convion SOFC generates zero emission electricity and heat from biogas in Italy”

Superb performance with renewable biogas

Convion Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company has successfully started testing of a first biogas fuel cell unit belonging to a pilot delivery to Italy. The system went live last week in Espoo, Finland and since then, it has shown in the trial run a superb electrical efficiency above 55% net-AC when run on biogas. Equipped with exhaust heat recovery, total efficiency is above 82%. The unit will undergo a series of tests at Convion premises prior to shipment to Turin, Italy.

Convion biogas fuel cell

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INNO-SOFC project aims at significant improvements in state-of-the-art

In September 2015, a new European R&D project INNO-SOFC for developing next-generation 50kW fuel cell systems for efficient and low-emission electricity production was started. Convion is a member of a large European consortium aiming to collaborate on forming an efficient value chain for entire fuel cell systems.


An EU Horizon 2020 funded project is co-ordinated by VTT and will be completed by April 2018.The project budget is EUR 4 million, of which the Finnish SME’s Convion and Elcogen will be allocated a total of EUR 2.3 million.

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Convion product announcement

As of February the 23rd, Convion started an internal validation of its new Convion C50 product. The product is an integrated fuel cell power module based on solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology and has nominal power output of 58kWe. Due to its modular structure, installations ranging from 58kW up to several hundreds of kilowatts can be accomplished by parallel installation of individual modules.

The product is capable of combined heat and power generation (CHP) and is suited for operation on either natural gas or biogas. The C50 product may operate parallel to grid or in an island mode, securing critical loads in case of power outages.

Convion C50 validation

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