Contact Forum – Thanks for Visiting

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by our booth at Contact Forum! We’re thrilled to have you here. Are you intrigued by the world of clean energy and green hydrogen, and excited about taking on challenging, impactful work?

Do you see yourself working with a diverse team that brings together professionals from various fields. In our team, the work you do has a real-life impact, allowing you to make a meaningful imprint on the product.

Do you have a technical background that aligns with our focus on fuel cell and electrolyser systems based on solid oxide cell technology, eg.

· Mechanical , industrial, material, automation or electrical engineering

· Physics, Energy solutions,

· Software engineering

Currently, our team has around 20 professionals, and we are constantly looking for new competent and enthusiastic colleagues to support our company’s growth. For example, we offer internships and summer jobs for students, thesis jobs for those finishing their studies, and opportunities for recent graduates.

You can send an open application to:

Looking forward to connecting with you!