Convion product announcement

As of February the 23rd, Convion started an internal validation of its new Convion C50 product. The product is an integrated fuel cell power module based on solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology and has nominal power output of 58kWe. Due to its modular structure, installations ranging from 58kW up to several hundreds of kilowatts can be accomplished by parallel installation of individual modules.

The product is capable of combined heat and power generation (CHP) and is suited for operation on either natural gas or biogas. The C50 product may operate parallel to grid or in an island mode, securing critical loads in case of power outages.

Convion C50 validation

Convion technology enables flexible use of different types of fuel gases – natural gas or biogases – at an industry leading power generation efficiency of >53% Net-AC in power range of tens to hundreds of kilowatts. This figure compares with typical efficiency of 30-40% of internal combustion engines or micro turbines at same power range. C50 power modules are suited for outdoor installation and do not require water connection.

A unique process solution and an integration concept of Convion systems makes possible efficient recovery of waste heat of hot exhaust gas, resulting to total efficiency of 80% and above. Convion products are designed by default for fuel flexibility including digester quality biogases.

Convion provides a solution to distributed or on-site power generation needs and offers the following value aspects:

  • Energy independence by freedom to use different sources of primary energy
  • Security of continuous energy supply made possible by on-site power generation
  • Energy cost savings facilitated by high efficiency of generation

Please, see the original press release of the announcement.