Superb performance with renewable biogas

Convion Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company has successfully started testing of a first biogas fuel cell unit belonging to a pilot delivery to Italy. The system went live last week in Espoo, Finland and since then, it has shown in the trial run a superb electrical efficiency above 55% net-AC when run on biogas. Equipped with exhaust heat recovery, total efficiency is above 82%. The unit will undergo a series of tests at Convion premises prior to shipment to Turin, Italy.

Convion biogas fuel cell

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Meet Us at the Sixth Nordic Biogas Conference

Biogas fuelled solid oxide fuel cell

The 6th Nordic Biogas Conference is fast approaching and Convion will be there, too. The biggest biogas conference in Scandinavia will be held from 7th through 8th of September on board Viking Grace cruise ship. The program of the event includes two intensive conference days en route Turku-Stockholm-Turku and an excursion day on the 9th of September with visits to biogas plants in Finland. The conference is organized by biogas representatives from all five Nordic countries and attracts attendees also internationally.

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Convion C50 product status update

Convion has reached a significant milestone of 5000 loading hours with a C50 SOFC product. Purpose of an internal validation project was to verify performance and functionality of the new C50 product and to gain long term operational experience of it. A new design including a unique process integration concept builds foundations for significant cost reduction of SOFC systems. Tests were a success and we were pleased with both performance and functionality of the system. With this milestone, we are happy to proceed towards demonstrating and piloting Convion SOFC CHP (Combined Heat and Power generation) product with customers. First deliveries will take place in Q3/2016 within a DEMOSOFC project.

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